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The Quick Guide to JRuby

JRuby eBook, JRuby programming book

Get a copy of the The Quick Guide to JRuby eBook ideal for the Ruby / Java developer.

The JRuby eBook contains all the necessary topics to get you started with JRuby programming. Using JRuby, learn how to call Java classes from Ruby and Ruby classes from Java. This JRuby eBook is the ideal companion for students in the Paid Online JRuby Class at RubyLearning.org and provides an overview of programming with JRuby. By the time you have read this eBook and worked on the examples and assignments, you should be fairly comfortable with JRuby.

The eBook is in pdf format. The cost of this eBook is only a nominal US$ 9.95 and is being collected to help RubyLearning maintain the site, the JRuby course and the JRuby eBook, and also provide quality content to you.

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